FIORDIFRAGOLA è dove si progettano e realizzano decorazioni floreali
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È dove si progettano e realizzano decorazioni floreali. Dal 2005 a oggi, la costante ricerca di linguaggi stilistici consolida la singolarità dello stile italiano donando, allo stesso tempo, un allure internazionale alle produzioni FIORDIFRAGOLA.

he scenographic propensity, in a synergic relationship with Sofi Design and FEHU Technics, guarantees a context-sensitive approach, creating stunning installations connected and integrated with the setting. Proportions, forms and colors are always the focus of attention.

"Today, wedding planners and events production agencies must answer to increasingly competent and demanding costumers.
Fehu Group, founded in 2018, represents my vision, the natural evolution of a person who has been working in this sector and always strives to improve.
We are a team of talents, scenographers, flower designers and stagecrafters.
With the brands Fiordifragola, Sofi Design and Fehu Technics we assist wedding planners and agencies with the production of events, to ensure a comprehensive creative and technical support."

Giovanna Bossi
creative director

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Giovanna Bossi - creative director
Giovanna Bossi - creative director